I am a lot of things, but I am most proud of being a husband to my wife Katherine, and a father to our two boys Liam (10) and Henry (7). They are truly my life’s greatest gifts. I grew up in Upstate NY in Broome County, right across the river from where Thomas Watson built and grew IBM. My parents taught us patience, humility, and the power of empathy. My father was an insurance man in the area, and I can remember being at the local Italian restaurant and having people come up to him and thank him for one thing or another. He was as committed to his hometown as anyone I’ve ever known, and still is.

I attended St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY, where I met my incredible wife Katherine. After leaving college to live the life of a radio DJ, I came back to Broome County and became an insurance man, just like Pop. Broome County has just under 200,000 people in it, a little bit bigger than the Town of Cary. Over my 20+ years there, Broome faced a steady population decline as businesses moved out, and not enough was done to bring new blood. It became harder and harder for folks to find, and keep, work.

Eventually, in 2008, work brought Katherine and I to Raleigh. I continued my work as an insurance agent, eventually moving into the role of partner, before transitioning our agency to the umbrella of AssuredPartners in 2016. I’m currently working with their sales producers as an Operations Program Manager.

Raleigh is our home, in so many ways. It has given us our two boys, and has allowed us to find a community of family and friends that is truly unmatched. I spent a term as Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party, with the critical 2016 election coming right in the middle of it. I served a term on Raleigh’s Human Relations Commission, after leading the effort to update our city’s stale equal protection policies. Katherine just finished her second term as PTA President of Lake Myra Elementary in Wendell where both of our boys go to school. Our 11 years in Raleigh have truly been the best so far.

I’m doing this for a lot of reasons. I’m a husband, a father, a former small business owner, and more. I’ve worked to help provide my family, and my employees, a better life. I want to bring a focus to areas of Raleigh that have often been overlooked. I want to make sure innovation, progress, and equity are what drive our decisions on Hargett Street. I want to be an advocate for the least among us. A great city is one that not only allows each of its citizens to thrive, but gives them some of the tools to do so. It doesn’t forget to focus on the basics of what people expect from their city government (good roads, running water, protection).

I cannot wait to get started.

For Raleigh,